Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Vodafone supports Zipit IoT services for OEMs

Steve Rogerson
July 19, 2018

South Carolina-based IoT value-added services provider Zipit Wireless is working with Vodafone to support an offering for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that provides optimised data plans and automates the cellular provisioning process for IoT devices.
In addition, Vodafone OEM customers can take advantage of Zipit IoT value-added services to have complete control over their devices and data. These include:

  • Zipit IoT Connect: IoT-optimised data plans and a single unified interface for cellular provisioning, globally.
  • Zipit IoT Device Manager: A managed platform for securely provisioning, monitoring and managing IoT devices and cloud back end infrastructure.
  • Zipit IoT Billing Manager: A flexible billing platform to help OEMs support enterprise or consumer IoT.
  • Zipit IoT Administrator: A single source for OEMs to oversee IoT deployments and provide on-going customer support.
"Vodafone brings a global reach to Zipit that enables us to better support new customers' IoT businesses and to easily expand into even more markets, regardless of geographic location," said Ralph Heredia, VP of business development for Zipit. "We look forward to working with Vodafone to dramatically accelerate the development of subscription IoT businesses around the world."
Zipit helps connected device OEMs deliver secure IoT quickly and efficiently. Through a suite of IoT value-added services, Zipit can provide secure device connectivity anywhere in the world, as well as the on-going device management, billing and support capabilities necessary to capitalise on subscription-based IoT business models.
"Zipit is working with companies across the wide range of verticals such as smart cities, healthcare, automotive, industrial environments and consumer products," said Ludovico Fassati, head of IoT for Vodafone in the Americas. "Their proven technology for building subscription-based services, handling billing and payment transactions on top of their demonstrated customer successes makes them the right partner to drive growth of IoT."