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Smart C-arm stops itself getting too close to patients

Steve Rogerson
February 4, 2015
A smart C-arm for body scanning was one of the highlights of last week’s Arab Health exhibition in Dubai. As well as being able to be controlled by a joystick, the RFD 3D from Ziehm Imaging has its own distance control to increase patient safety.
The non-contact collision detection systems slows down or stops the C-arm movement when it nears the patient or enters a defined safety zone.
Validated in clinical centres in New York, Houston (USA) and Fribourg (Germany), the German company’s new flagship product is said to be the only 3D C-arm that combines a 25kW generator with an iterative reconstruction algorithm and patented SmartScan rotation to offer 180Ëš image information of any anatomical structure.
It uses flat-panel technology that provides a 16cm edge length per scan volume and combines 2D and 3D functionality to increase intraoperative control. Available with a flat-panel detector up to 30 by 30cm, the system is suitable for orthopedics, traumatology and spine surgery, but also for cardio-vascular hybrid applications.

With up to seven vertebrae in one scan volume, it provides what is claimed to be the largest 3D image volume in the market. For 2D imaging in daily routine, the footprint of less than 0.8 square metres is said to set the benchmark in space requirements. Fully motorised in four axes, it has a joystick module with a function for defining an iso-centre around which the system moves concentrically.

The 25kW generator is one of the most powerful in mobile imaging and delivers crystal-clear images. In combination with the liquid cooling system (advanced active cooling), it keeps the generator at a consistent operating temperature even during lengthy procedures.

The company was also showing Solo Portable, a mobile C-arm with all-terrain-wheels featuring 1k imaging, a compact single-platform design including monitors and an installed base of more than 90 units.