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Zetes brings supply chain visibility to Intermarché

Steve Rogerson
October 30, 2019

Belgian supply chain company Zetes is helping European retail group Intermarché achieve visibility and efficiency across its Portuguese operations.
The cloud-based supply chain visibility will let Intermarché gain access to a real-time, network-wide view of critical operational data affecting order fulfilment and inventory movement. This will enable tighter control and greater dynamic planning.
With 250 stores spread across Portugal and a network of 1250 suppliers delivering orders to three different distribution centres, having network-wide visibility is of important for Intermarché. Capturing and harmonising data from external supplier systems, Zetes Zeus can provide accurate order fulfilment intelligence to transform stakeholder collaboration and product availability. It should also lead to improved product traceability and drive waste reduction.
By connecting data from all the disparate systems across its supply chain network, Intermarché will gain real-time visibility of critical supply chain events affecting supplier performance and order fulfilment, from the moment a purchase order is raised to when the order is received at the final destination.
Replacing monthly email based reports, the retailer will have instant access to network-wide intelligence presented and shared in easy-to-use drill-down dashboards. Insights such as order variance, product dwell and transit times as well as all inbound and outbound shipment events up to final delivery can be monitored.
Real-time alerts triggered when exceptions occur, will enable the retailer’s supply chain teams to take immediate corrective measures to reduce operational disruption and increase on-shelf-availability. Secure, web-based access ensures critical performance data are available to them at all times, whether at their desk or via their smartphones. Suppliers will also benefit from filtered views of their performance data to gain an accurate view of what is happening across the network.
"Having full visibility on our supply chain operations will not only improve the way we work and interact with our partners but also make sure that our customers can rely on Intermarché for an industry leading service,” said Jorge Rafael, Intermarché board member in charge of logistics and supply chain. “Zetes Zeus will also help us securing our fresh food supply chain ensuring we keep our values of giving our customers access to the best quality produce, when and where they need them in a far more efficient way, while removing costly waste from our operations. We anticipate a pilot project with two of our major suppliers and believe it will have significant benefits.”
Zetes is headquartered in Brussels and has more than 1300 employees in 22 countries across EMEA with a revenue of €286.2m in 2018. In 2017, Zetes became a subsidiary of Panasonic.
“In today’s fast-paced omnichannel environment, supplier collaboration operating with appropriate visibility, transparency and efficiency have become a must if retailers want to keep their promise to their customers,” said Rui Castilho, country manager of Zetes in Portugal. “We are very happy that Intermarché trusts Zetes to help them achieve their objectives and reach a more connected supply chain.”
Zetes is a technology company specialising in supply chain optimisation and citizen identification. Its supply chain products help companies achieve agility, visibility and traceability across their connected supply chain. Its people identification division provides public authorities and supranational institutions with ways to enable authentication of citizens in view of the issuing of secure ID and travel documents and the creation of national registers or voters’ lists.