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Xtrava launches autonomous baby monitor

Steve Rogerson
April 16, 2019

Silicon Valley start-up Xtrava has announced what it claims is the world's first autonomous baby monitor. Called Butterfly, it tracks breathing, sleep patterns, diaper wetness and daily activities and is available for pre-order.
Unlike traditional baby monitors, which are limited to the crib, Butterfly is designed for mobility, comfort and ease of use with both parents and babies in mind. It clips to the baby's clothing requiring no skin contact and ensuring comfort. Butterfly leverages autonomous computing, which means it doesn't require a connection to a base station or mobile phone, enabling it to work everywhere.
The product has been under development for the past five years and been in beta testing for the past two on newborns and children up to five years old. It is said to be more than just baby monitor, it's a baby care companion that provides parents with actionable insights when they need it most.
Xtrava founders Sameh Sarhan and Iman Sadreddin are fathers and experienced tech entrepreneurs with a combined nine children. Sarhan, a father of five, and Sadreddin, a father of four, leveraged their years of parenting experience to create Butterfly with an enthusiasm to help fellow parents on their childcare journey.
"My wife and I quickly learned the reality is babies don't always sleep in their cribs," said Sarhan. “They spend time outdoors, in the car and with different caregivers. As busy parents, we cherish peace of mind and a helping hand whenever we can get it. It was obvious that existing baby monitors were unrealistically limited to the crib and lacked a holistic approach.”
Using patent-pending technology, Butterfly works by periodically sensing tiny, natural signals from the baby's body and diaper. Using artificial intelligence, these tiny signals translate into real-time insights surrounding:

  • Breathing: Whether sleeping in or outside the crib, on their back, side or stomach, Butterfly tracks a baby's breathing, letting parents know if they need to check on them.
  • Sleep: Whether parents are safe co-sleeping or sleep training, Butterfly observes their baby's activities, sleep and environment to provide insights on how to help him or her get better sleep.
  • Diaper: With Butterfly's over-clothing humidity sensing technology whether they are swaddled at home or all dressed up outside, Butterfly senses a baby's diaper, sending caregivers a notification when it's time for a change.
  • Timeline: The baby's entire day is captured in a timeline to give parents insight on their baby's overall wellness, even when they are away.
  • Actionable insights: Butterfly provides insights to improve a baby's sleep, notifications when the baby may wake up, when it's the right time to put them to down and more.
Butterfly is available for an early-bird price of $99, which includes a one-year premium app subscription, inclusive of historical analytics and sleep insights.
Founded in 2014 by parents and serial entrepreneurs, Xtrava, an innovator in smart baby care, is building products to help parents through their parenting journey. The company is based in Santa Clara, California.