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Xerafy extends RFID tag range for container tracking

Steve Rogerson
October 10, 2017

At last month’s RFID Tomorrow conference in Dusseldorf, Hong Kong-based Xerafy announced it had expanded its Rain RFID line with the Container Trak RFID tag. The company also showed upgrades to its Cargo Trak and Versa Trak Rain RFID products.
The additions to the Trak series are said to be more versatile, accommodate multiple attachment methods and are suitable for a wider variety of applications. The upgrade increases read ranges across the Trak series, providing long-range performance in a smaller form factor.
“With the launch of our new and upgraded Trak series tags, our family of Rain RFID tags is complete,” said Xerafy CEO and founder Dennis Khoo. “These new tags have expanded our high-performance RFID to a wider variety of applications and environments. The new Container Trak, Versa Trak II and Cargo Trak II tags provide the versatility and flexibility customers need in demanding environments.”
The Container Trak 902 to 928MHz tag, based on the Impinj R6P IC, provides up to a 20m read range. The durable tags are IP68-rated, making them suitable for harsh outdoor environments as well as exposure to water and contaminants. Operating temperature range is -40 to +85?C. They can be attached using adhesives, via a rivet hole, or using a cable tie.
The Versa Trak II and Cargo Trak II tags provide the same memory and performance as their predecessors, but with the additional mounting methods of adhesive, rivet and cable tie, as well as more rugged casings for outdoor and industrial use. They also have a large on-tag printable area suitable for most requirements.
Each product has an anti-UV industry grade polymer casing and IP68 ingress protection rating for outdoor applications. This level of durability ensures tag lifetime of up to ten years, even in harsh industrial environments.
The Trak tags are for vehicle chassis and trailer tracking, unit load device identification, logistics management, yard management, and similar applications.
With the increasing demand for Rain RFID for asset and inventory management applications in manufacturing, logistics, oil and gas production, healthcare, and other sectors, more companies are looking for ways to achieve real-time visibility. These tags provide performance for on- and off-metal applications under difficult environmental conditions.
“Xerafy is committed to providing advanced RFID for the most demanding environments,” Khoo said. “With the release of the new Trak series tags, we can help our clients extend the value of our high-performance RFID tags, whether they are used in a warehouse, on a vehicle chassis, or exposed to water, extreme temperatures or other harsh conditions.”
Xerafy is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in the USA, UK and China.