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Wellpoint adds remote monitoring to virtual health service

Steve Rogerson
May 8, 2019

Canadian occupational health company Wellpoint Health Services is adding remote health monitoring to its Wellpoint Connect virtual health offering.
Wellpoint Connect can provide services that can assist with a variety of healthcare needs. Originally developed for mental health e-therapy, Wellpoint Connect now provides access to physicians, mental health therapists, personal trainers, registered dietitians and pharmacies.
"This is merely a stepping stone for us and our clients," said Rudy Mancini, vice president at Wellpoint. "Our goal is to make health navigation easier and create virtual health solutions that provides access and outcomes for a number of situations. The next release will have additional services such as a family caregiver solution, remote health monitoring, virtual physiotherapy and even a virtual pet health solution."
Wellpoint provides a one-call approach to absence management and workplace health, in which services are bundled based on the client's needs. Wellpoint Connect aims to be an integral part of an integrated absence management and prevention offering and will allow clients to take advantage of annual rebates and rewards for reducing absences.
"The value we bring to our clients is derived by listening to what they need, and that's what we have done here and will continue to do," said Greg Harju, president of Wellpoint. "We develop the services that meets those needs, which is quite simply customer driven innovation."
Wellpoint has spent time on the customer experience and its service delivery models, which has accounted for its continued growth in various industries. Working with technology partner OnCall Health has been imperative to this growth.
"OnCall is excited to be the virtual care platform for Wellpoint Connect," said Nicholas Chepesiuk, CEO and founder of OnCall Health. “To be able to provide this type of secure and expedited convenience to healthcare is exactly what we set out to do when we developed OnCall. With our collaboration to date, we've already seen how we have been able to support Wellpoint's innovative offerings to its customers, and we look forward to doing more great things together."
Wellpoint has been providing absence management and occupational health services to a number of industries and professions since 2007. It works with its clients to design and build integrated employer health options that reduce absences, increase sustainable occupational health and safety practices, and reduce workplace disability costs.
OnCall Health is a virtual care platform that is licensed to healthcare providers to use with their patients. Founded in 2016, the company provides technology and services including security, support, analytics and white label branding to more than 300 healthcare organisations.