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Wi-Sun adds 870-976MHz support to boost European smart utility deployments

Steve Rogerson
November 3, 2015
The Wi-Sun Alliance, a global ecosystem of companies seeking to accelerate the implementation of field area networking and the IoT, has announced support for the 870 to 876MHz frequency band in Europe. The addition of this band should allow improved data rates, performance, robustness and security.
As the industry need for utility, smart city and IoT deployments across Europe grows, Wi-Sun’s support for this band now makes available to the European market proven Wi-Sun profiles for field area networking (FAN) and home area networking (HAN).
“Wi-Sun is responding to the Conference of European Posts & Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) recommendations and Etsi rules for 870 to 876MHz,” said Phil Beecher, chairman of the Wi-Sun Alliance. “The Wi-Sun FAN profile, using this frequency band, creates a foundation for enhanced utility, smart city and other IoT implementations in Europe, as already proven by millions of devices deployed globally.”
Wi-Sun is focused on the certification of open standards based wireless services for use in energy management, commercial and smart city applications. As part of its efforts to develop rapidly a certification programme to ensure multi-vendor interoperability for products supporting this frequency band, the Wi-Sun Alliance held a test event in the UK last month. This event for Wi-Sun members let companies confirm product interoperability and verify the test plan to be used in the Wi-Sun Alliance certification programme for the European market.
The adoption of Wi-Sun FAN enables wireless connectivity in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), distribution automation (DA) and smart cities – such as for networked street lighting and other urban infrastructure – across all regions that are addressed by the IEEE 802.15.4g global standard.
The Wi-Sun specification helps enterprises, service providers and municipalities by enabling interoperable, multi-service and secure IPv6 communications over an IEEE 802.15.4g based wireless mesh network. Mesh-enabled FANs provide resilient, secure and cost effective connectivity with good coverage in a range of topographical environments, from dense urban neighbourhoods to rural areas, with minimal additional infrastructure.
The Wi-Sun Alliance is exhibiting at this week’s European Utility Week in Vienna, Austria.
The alliance is a non-profit association of companies devoted to the certification and global proliferation of interoperable Wi-Sun wireless services based on the IEEE 802.15.4g standard for use in smart utility, smart city and other IoT applications requiring robust FAN capability using open global standards. Membership is open to all industry stakeholders.