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Weyland brings mobile commerce to DPex logistics

Steve Rogerson
April 17, 2018

Hong Kong-based Weyland Tech has launched its mobile commerce and logistics platform across Asia with its partner, Singapore company DPex.
The launch of Enable is the result of the strategic partnership announced between the two companies in December 2016 and is the culmination of over a year of integration of Weyland’s CreateApp technologies with DPex’s logistics and shipping platform.
“We are excited to be announcing the launch of Enable with DPex,” said Weyland CEO Brent Suen. “By integrating elements of our CreateApp platform with DPex shipping and logistics capabilities, we are bringing a next generation mobile commerce platform to over 500,000 businesses that already count on DPex for shipping and logistics.”
As regional ecommerce develops, the World Bank expects online retail to grow 16 times from 2015 levels to $88bn by the end of 2025.
“DPex is a great partner in the region, headquartered in Singapore with a presence in 17 countries and over half a million customers,” said Suen. “These customers will now have the ability to build mobile first platforms for increasing B2B and B2C sales. The version that has launched is built with 28 specific functions that will enable any business merchant to market, promote and sell products to their end consumers via the platform and also have the DPex delivery and fulfilment services currently being utilised.”
The CreateApp platform is focused on the Asia markets. It is offered in 14 languages and enables small and medium sized businesses to create native mobile applications for Apple's iOS and Google Android without technical knowledge or background.
“We are excited to bring these additional functions to our growing customer base in our partnership with Weyland,” said Donald Tay, chairman and CEO of DPex. “The tools we are making available will help our customers quickly deploy mobile tools to grow their business and in turn DPex and Weyland will benefit from offering these additional services as our customers’ businesses grow. The revenue opportunities from helping the small business ecosystem grow will be substantial.”