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Wearables exhibit to be three times larger at CES in Las Vegas

Steve Rogerson
December 2, 2015
The wearables marketplace and related lifestyle exhibit areas at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas have more than tripled in size since last year. This is a reflection of the wearable tech industry’s projected growth of 64 per cent over the next three years, reaching $25bn in 2019 when more than 245 million devices are expected to ship.
One way to witness the wearable tech expansion is by visiting the lifestyle-focused marketplaces and conferences presented by Living in Digital Times at CES Tech West in the Sands. In addition to the Wearables Marketplace, wearables will be on display in the Fitness & Technology Marketplace, Health & Wellness Marketplace, and within showcases including Beauty Tech and Baby Tech.
"Wristwear, eyewear, fingerwear, clothing, accessories – thanks to the advances in mobile technology you can now carry the power of your desktop on your body," said Robin Raskin, founder and president of Living in Digital Times. “The innovation that stems from the wearables market is one of the main themes of CES 2016. As wearable technology improves it has become a part of our daily lives and is now the It technology at CES 2016."
At the Baby Tech showcase, visitors will be able to see how wearables are starting to change the way people parent. Some of the wearable companies at the showcase are Mimo Baby, a monitor that gives parents a new level of insight into their baby's sleep quality, and BuddyTag, a way to wear a waterproof wristband that uses Bluetooth technology to monitor a child.
In the Health & Wellness section, as innovation improves the ability to diagnose, monitor and treat illnesses and diseases, wearables are taking over the digital health space and are a booming business. The wearable health-tracking industry is expected to be worth $5bn in 2016. There are several exhibiting companies in the Health & Wellness Marketplace such as Qardio, 4iiii Innovations, Dexom, Ant+, MobileHelp, NeuroMetrix, Ideallife, iHealth Labs, Philips, WiseWear, InteraXon, BeWellConnect, A&D Medical and Omron.
Wearable tech will be a hot topic at the Digital Health Summit with “The Evolutions of Wearables: Sleeker, Smarter, Faster” session that includes two panels: “Wearables With Wisdom” and “Superpowers in Sensing.”
In the Family & Technology section visitors will find that wearables can be seen everywhere in families today as tech savvy parents use a host of high-tech products to make their homes safer and keep their families connected. One can track their kids, dogs and luggage with devices such as TrackR. And with smart jewellery such as Mighty Cast, a tech-heavy wristband, one will have a more pleasurable gaming experience. A session at Family Tech Summit, “A Family of Wearables”, will examine new ways people are wearing their technology to stay connected.
In the Fitness & Technology area, people will see how easier it is to achieve a healthier lifestyle with the next generation of wearable fitness gadgets. Some of the wearable tech companies exhibiting within the section are Slendertone, a weight reduction belt that targets and tones muscles anywhere and anytime, and Oaxis, a fitness band that will change one's health and training habits by turning daily exercise and activities into a game.
Other companies are AfterShokz, Sensora, Fitbit, iFit, Lyte, Myzone, Moff, Polar, Kiwi Wearables, Kuai, Tupelo, Vert, Wahoo and Withings. “Battle of the Bands 3.0” explores how devices are a mainstay in daily lives; it is the first session at the FitnessTech Summit.
And in the Wearables and FashionWare section, wearable tech style has arrived as companies have graduated from geek to chic. Style-conscious men and tech loving fashionistas are now wearing trackers, smart jewellery and smart clothes. ScotteVest, the first clothing company to make a clothing line designed for today's modern gear-toting consumer, and OrCam, a wearable computer vision device that assists the visually impaired, are some of the companies that will launch products at CES. And FashionWare is where fashion and technology will collide.
There will also be a high-tech fashion extravaganza hosted by Project Runway's Nick Verreros on Thursday January 7 at 10:30am, 12:30pm and 2:30pm, located at the Venetian, Level Two, Venetian Ballroom G.