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Wi-Charge Long Range Charger for Smart Building devices

William Payne
December 31, 2019

Israeli long-range wireless power specialist Wi-Charge has launched PowerPuck, an ultra-compact long-range wireless charger for smart and IoT devices. Based on Wi-Charge's AirCord technology, the PowerPuck plugs into a wall outlet or screws into a light-bulb socket, and powers compatible devices wirelessly from distances up to 30 feet.

Wi-Charge believes that the proliferation of smart devices in homes and commercial premises is making replacing device batteries an almost impossible task. According to a 2019 Parks Associates report, households with smart devices own an average of six devices, almost double from 2016 levels. According to a 2018 Parks Associates survey, longer battery life is the top desired characteristic for smart home devices. Routing power cables to smart devices, an alternative to using batteries, is often tedious, expensive or forbidden by rental landlords.

Commercial installations are facing similar challenges. iPropertyManagement estimates that there are over 26 billion IoT devices currently deployed and expects a three-fold increase by 2025. Vendors seek to improve IoT device performance and functionality, but limited battery life slows down these efforts. 

Wi-Charge argues that long-range wireless power can reduce device downtime, eliminate the cost and effort of replacing batteries, and reduce the toxic environmental impact of battery disposal.

PowerPuck is designed to eliminate the need for constant battery changes and take away the hassle of running cables to smart devices. Like other Wi-Charge products, the PowerPuck delivers constant power for a distance up to 30 feet without power reduction.

The PowerPuck is slightly larger than a Nest Thermostat. An Edison screw adaptor makes it compatible with numerous light fixtures, and a socket adaptor allows the PowerPuck to plug directly into a standard wall outlet. Once installed, the PowerPuck automatically locates compatible receivers and initiates power transfer. The receivers can be as small as 0.5 x 0.5 inches and are typically embedded in the charged devices themselves.

Powered by Wi-Charge's AirCord infrared beam technology, the PowerPuck requires no configuration, calibration or tuning. Wi-Charge claim that it is the first plug-and-play wireless power solution for smart devices. 

"PowerPuck changes how manufacturers create smart and IoT devices and how consumers and businesses use them," said Yuval Boger, chief marketing officer, Wi-Charge. "Not having to worry about device battery life or power cables means that manufacturers can implement unique features and magical experiences. Additionally, consumers and businesses alike can take advantage of next-generation smart devices to achieve convenience and efficiency."