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WABCO, Peloton, Mobileye partner on platooning

William Payne
October 12, 2016

Belgian truck technology firm WABCO is partnering with Mountain View based Peloton Technology and Israel's Mobileye to develop advanced technologies for next generation trucking.

The partnership with Peloton will aim to develop new technologies for truck platooning, integrating commercial vehicle-to-vehicle communication and other automation technologies to improve safety and fuel efficiency.

According to the North American Council on Freight Efficiency, platooning, the linking electronically of two or more tractor-trailers to form virtual road-trains on highways, increases fuel economy by more than 7%, namely up to 4.5% for the lead truck and up to 10% for following trucks due to improved aerodynamics.

WABCO's contribution to its Peloton cooperation will include its technology for braking, advanced stability and emergency braking systems, including predictive cruise control. Peloton will bring its proprietary platooning technologies, which are currently under testing on U.S. highways.

WABCO has also joined forces with Israel's Mobileye, a developer of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving technologies. The two companies will develop solutions for commercial vehicles combining Mobileye’s vision system and mapping technology with the control and actuation technologies from WABCO’s electronic braking, stability and emergency braking systems in combination with capability for active steering control. The WABCO-Mobileye solution will aim to benefit commercial vehicle manufacturers and operators through more advanced safety capability to help reduce the risk of accidents.

In addition, WABCO reports that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a global tier-one automotive industry supplier headquartered in Asia to bring active steering and other technologies to the commercial industry through a new joint venture (JV). The MoU sets a framework to establish a JV agreement for a new business that will develop, manufacture and sell electronically controlled active steering systems for the global truck and bus market.

WABCO’s OnGuardACTIVE collision mitigation system, equipped with a 77GHz radar sensor, is an enabler of platooned trucks. It can provide active braking to avoid or mitigate impending rear-end collisions.

Peloton’s systems enable platooning through vehicle-to-vehicle wireless communication, enabling tractor-trailers to accelerate and brake together and safely operate at closer distances to gain aerodynamic efficiencies.

Peloton’s Network Operations Center supervises the platooning trucks, allowing platooning only where, when and how it is safe to do so.

Peloton’s system also processes real-time data gathered from sensors linked to other vehicle active safety and automation systems, including WABCO’s OnGuard emergency braking system.

“WABCO shares our mission of increasing safety and efficiency for fleets and other transport customers. Today’s announcement builds on our past work together, and we continue to be excited about the synergy with WABCO, a global technology leader in advanced driver assistance and active safety systems,” said Josh Switkes, Peloton Chief Executive Officer and Founder. “Working with WABCO we can make trucks and drivers safer on highways whether in platoon or operating individually.”

“We are excited to expand WABCO’s strategy to offer differentiated solutions and services that empower tomorrow’s fleets, and working with industry-leading Peloton Technology demonstrates how WABCO is mobilizing vehicle intelligence to support driving automation,” said Jacques Esculier, WABCO Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.