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Vuemed and Zebra combine to meet FDA medical device identification regulations

Steve Rogerson
May 12, 2015
Washington-based Vuemed is partnering with Zebra Technologies of Illinois to release VueTrack-UDI, an RFID system that lets manufacturers and hospitals comply with the FDA's Unique Device Identification (UDI) regulations.
The FDA has established a human and machine readable UDI labelling system for identifying medical devices through their distribution and use. Device labellers must also submit information about each device to the FDA's global UDI database.
"With VueTrack-UDI, manufacturers and hospitals can immediately engage the UDI data to provide meticulous tracking of medical devices from the manufacturer through to patient point-of-use, clinical systems, billing and electronic health records (EHR)," said Joe Dugan, president of VueTrack-RF. “The UDI data on the RFID tag enable users to find expiring and recalled products instantly, and integration with clinical documentation and EHR systems can now be standardised with unprecedented accuracy.”
VueTrack-UDI is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), UDI-compliant, GS1 EPC gen two passive RFID system that uses Zebra scanners, printers and RFID encoders to encode the RFID tag memory to UDI standards, validate the process, print the required labels, and register the UDI data to transmit to the FDA. It can be integrated into existing UDI data sources or simply installed as a stand-alone product.
"Together, Vuemed and Zebra are providing a world-class, standards-based RFID solution that enables the entire healthcare supply chain to immediately generate value while ensuring compliance with the FDA's UDI regulatory mandates,” saidArnold Chazal, CEO of Vuemed. “Although the adoption of UDI has seen its share of challenges, the industry now realises the benefits of this transformation initiated by the FDA."
Scott Thomas, director of healthcare sales at Zebra Technologies, added: "We are thrilled to be working with Vuemed to provide cutting-edge technology and UDI solutions to the healthcare industry. Zebra offers a unique combination of software and hardware to all of our healthcare solutions and this opportunity represents what we can bring to healthcare providers. Healthcare will continue to be one of the main industries of focus for Zebra, and it is exciting to partner with Vuemed in solving some of the industry's greatest challenges today."