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Volta and eMotorWorks combine smart EV charging technology

Steve Rogerson
August 17, 2017

Seeking to increase the use of renewable energy and lower energy costs for its network of free-to-use, ad-supported electric vehicle charging stations, Volta is to incorporate eMotorWerks' smart-charging technology throughout its US network of stations.
By using California-based eMotorWerks hardware and software platform, Volta's customers can access high-power, grid-friendly charging across the rapidly growing number of stations in their territories. Via JuiceNet, this daytime electric load can now be coordinated with regional utilities, diversifying their resource portfolio and ensuring EV charging occurs with a cleaner energy mix.
"Electric car drivers across the USA are demanding broad access to EV charging infrastructure," said Scott Mercer, CEO at Volta Industries. “With this demand, we want to ensure that our drivers are using only the cleanest energy on the grid, which is made possible through the eMotorWerks JuiceNet. We are on track to double our free EV charging networks through the calendar year and partnering with eMotorWerks enables us to deliver on not only needs of the driver for charging, but also utilities throughout our network who are actively looking to combat grid overload and promote clean energy usage."
The partnership with Volta further complements eMotorWerks' EVSE and energy management platform by making its JuiceNet technology more accessible throughout the nation's largest free EV charging network. The JuiceNet platform affords automated, multi-tiered control algorithms and load balancing that enables multiple charging stations to operate simultaneously under peak load settings that help avoid peak demand charges, excessive strain on local electrical circuits and the local grid as a whole.
In addition, the JuiceBox charging station platform will be deployed in the Volta network. Through this partnership, Volta will also co-locate standard JuiceNet-enabled level two charging stations, such as JuiceBox and JuiceStation, that complement Volta's existing fleet of free chargers to let property owners and managers support the growing number of EV drivers in their network locations.
"We are delighted to now offer our smart-grid enabled technology throughout Volta's growing network of public EV charging stations," said Val Miftakhov, CEO of eMotorWerks. "After establishing ourselves as an industry leader and innovator in advanced residential charging for electric vehicles, it's a natural fit to provide our technology to public charging stations through partnerships such as this one with Volta. Additional daytime charging load will also help advance our long term mission of driving higher penetration of renewable generation via smart EV load control."
This news comes on the heels of other partnerships for eMotorWerks such as global EVSE providers AeroVironment, Share & Charge (a division of Innogy) and Webasto. In late 2016, eMotorWerks announced another public EV charging partnership with cashless payment provider Nayax to create their joint- JuiceStation-EVMeter.
Volta charging networks include San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Honolulu and Chicago.