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Voltaic solar powers IoT devices

Steve Rogerson
January 14, 2020

Voltaic Systems, a designer and manufacturer of remote solar charging products, debuted its first-ever comprehensive battery pack designed for IoT devices at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Launching in spring this year, the V70 IoT battery is designed to embed into hardware applications without a reliable power supply, such as asset tracking or remote monitoring equipment.
Rated at 19,2000mAh, 71Wh, the V70 charges efficiently from solar and from a wide range of DC voltages (12 to 24V). It delivers an output of 12V at up to 6A from six LG lithium-ion cells and will power both high and low draw devices. The battery can be monitored for state of charge.
The V70 can reduce R&D time and costs associated with battery development and testing. The battery comes with built-in safety protections including overcharge, over-discharge, over- and under-temperature and short circuit and is certified to UN38.3 and IEEE 1725 safety standards. It has been field-tested in high vibration environments.
Solar charging is integral to the V70’s design. The battery has a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge circuit to optimise the battery’s charge rate in sunny and shady conditions from Voltaic’s standard or custom solar panels. In addition to solar power, it will also rapidly charge from 12V truck batteries.
“There is a tremendous duplication of effort across product development teams when it comes to battery design,” said Voltaic CEO Shayne McQuade. “The V70 is a response to our customers need for a rugged, safe and solar-optimised battery pack that they can easily deploy into their IoT products.”
Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Voltaic designs solar power products for remote and mobile IoT devices. The company offers a line of industrial-grade solar panels, IoT-ready battery packs and adaptable mounting products. The company is a member of New Lab, a Brooklyn-based platform for scaling frontier technologies.