Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Vodafone launches asset tracking service in India

Steve Rogerson
November 21, 2017

Vodafone has launched a vehicle, asset and people tracking service in India. Called Super IoT, it enables end-to-end management of device, application, connectivity, service platform, support and security.
With the service, enterprises do not have to face the problems of managing multiple suppliers and service providers. They can benefit from rapid application development, device management and analytics with the application enablement platform. They can also have better manageability and control of their assets through managed connectivity.
“As a global leader in IoT, Vodafone has worked closely with enterprises across various sectors like automotive, utilities, manufacturing, banking and logistics on their IoT deployments,” said Nick Gliddon, director of Vodafone Business Services. “We understood the need for an end-to-end, secure solution and with the launch of Super IoT, enterprises will be able to free themselves from the complexities and hassles of the IoT deployment process. This will be able to focus on business outcomes and accelerate their digital transformation by truly harnessing the power of IoT, driving innovation and growth.”
As per Vodafone’s fifth annual IoT Barometer report, 81% of Indian organisations feel IoT is key to digital transformation. While enterprises are becoming aware of the benefits that IoT can bring to their business, they face a host of problems when it comes to identifying and deploying the right IoT service; the marketplace is complex and filled with multiple vendors and multiple platforms.
Even if they are able to conduct a pilot, they face challenges with scaling for production. Super IoT addresses these gaps by bringing together all aspects of IoT in one end-to-end service, covering all the layers from device, application and managed connectivity to in-life support.
Super IoT is said to enable faster time-to-market, while generating timely business insights in a managed service model that lets enterprises focus on their core business areas. It thus has the potential to bring about a digital transformation in enterprises, and India at large, enabled by IoT.
Users can have real-time visibility of their fleet, monitor vehicle condition, receive alerts about faulty vehicles, reduce unplanned vehicle downtime and help maintain asset value, thus reducing overall operational costs, improving safety and customer satisfaction.
With mobile asset tracking, users can transform their supply chain and logistics operations, and deliver goods faster with more operational efficiency. It enables them to track the location and status of their assets, be it healthcare equipment, building materials, construction equipment and so on, thus enabling effective management of business.
The service can transform sales-generating assets into smart, connected assets that capture important data – such as location alerts, motion detection, operational status, estimated stock levels and usage – and deliver business insights for decision making and overall operations.
A diesel generator monitoring service lets users monitor the total diesel consumption, energy output, load and kWh/litre ratio and more, to improve the performance of a generator, while reducing cost.
A set of smart services improves safety of employees in and out of the workplace, by combining RFID, GPS and GPRS enabled ID cards and wearables along with emergency call facilities to a central emergency response team.
The service can also help parents, school authorities and school bus transport managers keep track of their school children’s location through RFID, GPS and GPRS enabled ID cards and bus and campus readers, integrated with vehicle tracking and camera facilities.