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VitalConnect platform enables wireless real-time patient monitoring

Steve Rogerson
March 13, 2018

Wearable biosensor company VitalConnect introduced at last week’s HIMSS conference in Las Vegas a platform that enables wireless, real-time, continuous patient monitoring, and delivers a seamless feed of patient data that supports timely caregiver analysis in the hospital or at home.
The Vista platform integrates the California company's existing VitalPatch wearable biosensor, which is the only FDA cleared Class II device that continuously measures eight biometrics in real time. Together, Vista and the VitalPatch biosensor can increase patient mobility and comfort, provide oversight without additional caregiver burden, and enhance patient care.
The end-to-end platform can improve monitoring standards in both hospitals and in remote care environments. The platform enhances patient safety in the hospital general ward by providing monitoring between periodic spot checks that can span up to eight hours (once per shift).
Vitals for all patients are accessible at nursing stations or remote monitoring centres through the cloud-supported VistaCenter application, as well as in individual patient rooms. In home care environments, such as home-hospitalisation or post-discharge monitoring, remote and continuous monitoring have shown cost savings, fewer readmissions and improved rest for the patient.
"Waking patients up multiple times in the middle of the night for a vitals check is required for most hospital patients," said Nersi Nazari, chief executive officer and founder of VitalConnect. “This is disruptive for the patient and time-consuming for nursing staff. The VitalPatch brings a light, wireless and comfortable solution to patient monitoring. Now with Vista, caregivers will have continuous insight into their patients, and can intervene when additional care is needed between spot checks.”
The platform was piloted in collaboration with Mercy Virtual. It will be launched in Mercy Hospital St. Louis, and then deployed to additional hospitals and outpatient settings across Mercy facilities in four states in 2018.
"This wireless biosensor is another step in providing better care for our patients, whether they are at home or in the hospital," said Mark Saxon, Mercy Virtual vice president of clinical operations. "We will be able to track the health of our patients in real time without them having to be tethered to a hospital bed. This gives patients more autonomy."
Mercy Virtual is a pioneer in the virtual health space; it launched the first freestanding healthcare facility dedicated to telehealth in 2015. The use of VitalConnect's monitoring platform is one of many steps the healthcare system is taking to continue to be at the forefront of digital health and patient care. Remote oversight, notifications of patient decline and a wireless biosensor for the patient are some of the improvements welcomed by nurses.
"Many of our patients who tried the biosensor patch really liked it," said Shirley Dettlebach, Mercy senior certified clinical research nurse. "They liked that it was wireless, which made it easier to move around while continuously tracking their biometrics."
VitalPatch is a single-patient use, fully disposable device. The biosensor measures eight vitals: single-lead ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, body posture, fall detection, and activity (steps). With a five-day (120 hours) wear duration, it covers the national average 4.5-day hospital stay.
VitalPatch and Vista are both HIPAA compliant and include cryptographic security features to protect patients and hospitals.