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Vitaphone launches telemedicine service to monitor chronic medical conditions

Steve Rogerson
May 12, 2015
At last week’s American Telemedicine Association Meeting & Tradeshow in Los Angeles, Vitaphone, a telemedicine and mobile health services provider, launched its Vita health services for chronic disease management platform in the US market. The platform enables remote patient monitoring of various chronic medical conditions, such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension and other chronic illnesses.
Through a combination of wireless, remote patient monitoring technology, secure software and communications processes and techniques delivered through a professionally-staffed telemedicine service centre, the platform can extend health professionals’ reach into their patients’ homes – or wherever the patients may be – to assist in their treatment and on-going coordinated care.
According to the CDC, each year in the USA one out of every four deaths – about 610,000 people – is caused by heart disease. The CDC also estimates that 29.1 million people, 9.3 per cent of the US population, have diabetes.
“As the number of people with chronic health issues continues to rise here in the United States, healthcare professionals are being overwhelmed by an ever-increasing number of patients requiring attention and a finite number of hours in the day,” said Brad Tritle, president of Las Vegas-based Vitaphone. “Remote patient monitoring systems, such as Vita health services, benefit doctors and other healthcare professionals by providing the information and analysis tools they need to more efficiently evaluate chronic conditions and prescribe treatment changes, if necessary, with minimal impact on their existing workflow.”
Patients using a remote monitoring system as part of their treatment for chronic diseases report having a higher level of satisfaction with their healthcare provider, a better understanding of their condition and more confidence in managing their condition. They often cite having more interactions, receiving more precise medication therapy and the added convenience of not having to make transportation arrangements as frequently as the most common reasons for giving the provider high marks.
Hospitals, home health and other health services providers using the Vita platform can rely on Vitaphone to monitor patients from its telemedicine service centre in Nevada. The intelligent patient monitoring system filters and triages all relevant patient data via exception-based algorithms, and staff interactions, on behalf of the providers. Lastly, the health services provider portal will also facilitate real-time access to patient biometrics and answers to patient questionnaires.