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Vineti partners World Courier to support global gene logistics

William Payne
September 20, 2018

Digital genetic traceability specialist Vineti and speciality logistics firm World Courier are partnering to simplify global supply chains and logistics for cell and gene therapies.

Vineti specialises in digital traceability and orchestration solution for cell and gene therapies.

Vineti and World Courier plan to offer an integrated logistics and supply chain solution to assist cell and gene therapy developers in scaling their treatments, care networks, and manufacturing quickly and safely. 

Both companies have experience supporting commercial therapies. 

The Vineti digital "platform of record" supports gene-based therapies by aligning, tracking, and documenting the entire cell therapy process, from ordering and logistics to manufacturing and clinical data. 

Vineti says that its software solution supports all the major operators in the cell and gene therapy ecosystem, helping healthcare providers, biopharma and manufacturers effect greater efficiency and control. 

The company says that when combined with World Courier's global network of 140+ company-owned offices operating across more than 50 countries, the two companies will be able to enable faster access to cell and gene therapies, with scalable supply chain solutions anchored in top-tier safety and compliance.

"We're very pleased to be working with the deeply knowledgeable, experienced Word Courier team," said Amy DuRoss, CEO and co-founder of Vineti. "Together, Vineti and World Courier provide a powerful option that helps move innovative therapies into mainstream healthcare. Our shared expertise and solutions are well-positioned to help cell and gene therapies scale world-wide, whether they're commercial-ready or clinical-phase."

Sam Herbert, President of World Courier, said, "Offering Vineti's digital platform of record bolsters the options available within our global logistics platform, offering a wider choice for cell and gene therapy developers to trace, orchestrate and scale their products. We're pleased to be working together to realise the full potential of cell and gene therapies for both patients and manufacturers."

The Vineti-World Courier solution will be offered through World Courier's global network, as well as directly through Vineti's business development team.