Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Vinatech hybrid capacitors target NB-IoT smart meters

Steve Rogerson
December 17, 2019

Battery-powered smart meters connected with NB-IoT communications are among the main targets for hybrid capacitors developed by South Korean company Vinatech.
The high-density electrostatic double-layer capacitance (EDLC) 3.8V hybrid super capacitors have low leakage current. EDLC technology is being continually developed and enhanced by Vinatech’s R&D team and this has led to the VPC series, which has been developed using standard EDLC production processes to reduce the costs.
The VPC series, an environmentally friendly hybrid lithium capacitor family, has been developed to reduce costs against more expensive pulse battery technologies while offering lower physical size, lower ESR, wider temperature ranges and higher discharge currents than similar sizes with comparable battery based technology.
The major attributes are the low leakage current and low ESR characteristics, which makes them suitable for cost effective pulse management and to support projects where power budgets are critical, such as long-term battery-based primary powered products such as remote gas and water meters.
Other applications include asset tracking devices and automotive e-call.
The first tranche of these RoHS and Reach compliant pulse capacitors will see 1030, 1325 and 1335 sizes introduced with added benefits of size reductions compared with the compatible battery technologies and current VLC series.
The next generation will be smaller sized and suitable for a wider range of IoT applications.
Lead times will be short and samples are available with mass production scheduled for the second quarter of 2020.
Formed in South Korea in 1999, Vinatech specialises in the development and production of super capacitors and fuel cell materials. The company has 500 staff at two main sites with high automation to improve quality.