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Verizon Connect improves visibility of driver status

Steve Rogerson
April 2, 2019

With the European launch of Verizon Connect’s digital tachograph, fleet managers can download digital tachograph files and driver activity from anywhere, helping drive European tachograph regulation compliance, increase vehicle uptime and streamline day-to-day processes.
The system monitors and analyses driver activities such as driving times, breaks and rest times from the vehicle’s digital tachograph – the device that digitally records a vehicle’s speed, distance and driver activity – and turns it into actionable data within Verizon Connect’s fleet management platform, Reveal, helping users save time, improve processes and meet compliance standards.
Users can see driver location and status on the Reveal live map and schedule jobs with drivers that are within designated driver safety limits. They can schedule and automate driver and vehicle file downloads to promote compliance with EU regulations.
Reveal’s tracking unit connects to a vehicle’s tachograph and transfers driver card data, along with vehicle and engine data, directly to the Reveal online platform in near real time
Features can help businesses keep their vehicles on the road and help fleet managers meet some of the challenges recently highlighted in a Verizon Connect survey. The survey found that one in every four drivers fails to take appropriate rest breaks, breaching driver guidelines around rest and fatigue.
The survey also reported that fleet managers had significant difficulty ensuring drivers complete the appropriate rest periods and obtain relevant, accurate tachograph data from their vehicles. The majority viewed tachograph compliance as disruptive and time consuming, with fleet managers on average spending more than three hours per week correcting and following up on driver tachograph mistakes.

“One of the biggest challenges for fleet managers is helping drivers understand their tacho status so customers aren’t losing time and money by pulling drivers off the road to manually download tachograph files from trucks,” said Derek Bryan, EMEA vice president at Verizon Connect. “Digital Tacho Live View provides the visibility necessary to access driver data quickly and easily, helping managers make quick and informed decisions, produce more accurate plans and receive advanced warning of infringements.”