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Vayyar monitors health at home without wearables

Steve Rogerson
January 14, 2020

Israeli firm Vayyar Imaging can give any home or senior facility a holistic health and safety monitoring system without the need for wearables. The technology was demonstrated at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Called Vayyar Home, it expands on Walabot Home's fall detection product to provide a holistic, health and safety offering.
The technology requires no wearables or buttons and works without the use of any camera. It can detect falls and identify intruders and, in case of an emergency, gets help. Upcoming health features include monitoring activity, sleep and breathing, sending an alarm in case an anomaly is detected.
Intelligent sensors monitor location, posture as well as vital signs, enabling behavioural monitoring such as time spent at rest, in and out of bed, nocturnal roaming, and toilet visits. Trends are detected, allowing for pre-emptive predictions of health conditions such as urinary tract infection, dementia and disorders such as sleep apnoea and psychological ailments including loneliness.
"Our fall detection product is protecting thousands of seniors every day, but that's only the beginning," said Ofer Familier, general manager of Vayyar Home. "Now, we can turn any room into a smart room, caring for people inside out. Vayyar Home is like living with a doctor and a security guard rolled into one."
It will be available in an 8.9cm form factor. Once placed on the wall, it automatically scans the environment monitoring health and safety. Information can be displayed on a real-time dashboard tracking activity throughout a facility, providing simultaneous visibility of location, activity levels and vital signs for multiple people.
Vayyar Imaging specialises in 4D radar imaging technology, providing affordable sensors to a wide variety of industries. With applications in the automotive, smart home, robotics, retail, RF testing and medical sectors, the intelligent sensors can see through walls and objects, map environments, and track movements in real time.
Its chip covers imaging and radar bands from 3 to 81GHz, with up to 72 transceivers in each chip and an integrated DSP. The multi-antenna sensor produces claimed unprecedented levels of accuracy, enabling high-resolution 4D point-cloud images. The sensors can work in any environmental condition, unaffected by line-of-sight, lighting or weather conditions.