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UTStarcom pledges support to India smart city programme

Steve Rogerson
February 26, 2015
China-based global telecoms infrastructure provider UTStarcom has pledged its support to India’s smart city programme.
Speaking at the recent Connecting India exhibition in New Delhi, William Wong, UTStarcom's chief executive officer, said: "The telecommunications sector in India is experiencing a transition unlike anything we have seen before. We believe that it is critical that India develop a superior digital highway to drive its future economic growth.”
He said he believed UTStarcom, with its robust portfolio of advanced yet affordable telecoms infrastructure services, was “ideally placed” to support this transition and transformation.
“We are closely following various government initiatives which are currently underway including the smart city, the optical NOFN programme deployment plans and public Wifi deployments,” he said. “We are committed to growing our presence in India and we look forward to supporting the government, the telecom operators and system integrators as India realises its digital potential."
Shalin Y Shah, UTStarcom’s co-general manager of India operations, added: "With the tremendous growth in mobile traffic, smartphone consumer base, and strong internet penetration, Wifi is going to play a central role in the future development of India's telecom industry. We believe that we have the product breadth and capability with our Carrier Wifi product line to meet this increased demand.
"As a leading telecom infrastructure provider in India, UTStarcom aims to contribute to the changes and development in the telecom industry and provide leading-edge infrastructure solutions to carriers in order for them to adapt and serve the quickly growing demand for an advanced Indian digital highway."