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UPS shows how blockchain can verify beef supply

Steve Rogerson
June 30, 2020

Logistics giant UPS last month demonstrated how blockchain can track and verify beef shipments using technology from Texas-based Herd X.
The shipment started at Dean & Peeler Premium Beef in south Texas and shipped via UPS to an event held at the Richter Tavern in Boerne, Texas.
"Seeing the integration of the domestic UPS shipment with Herd X's blockchain technology in action, here in a local Texas restaurant, puts in perspective the need for this in supply chains across the globe,” said Jeff McCorstin, UPS president of global customs brokerage. “With sustainability and food safety as important differentiators, this is the future companies will choose in their supply chains."
Amy Story, president and CEO of the Boerne Kendall County Economic Development Council, was at the event. She said: "It is so exciting to see a company with the global impact of Herd X headquartered in Boerne, Texas. Their commitment to promoting technology and opportunities for quality jobs in rural communities make Herd X a unique example of the possibilities that exist in rural America. Herd X's ability to provide better livestock management for the ranchers and transparency and trust for the consumers creates a level of trust and information that can be utilised around the world. The event at Richter Tavern allowed them to showcase their innovation with a fabulous dinner that demonstrated the beauty of the service they provide. We couldn't be more excited to watch Herd X's impact on the global food industry."
Guy Sanders, owner of the Richter Tavern, said: "I am delighted that Richter can showcase Herd X blockchain meats as part of our efforts to supply customers with fresh, safe and delicious foods. Hosting the Herd X group was a lot of fun for my team and we look forward to growing our relationship together."
Herd X, an agri-tech and data company, created the end-to-end blockchain system from farm to table for beef and lamb products. Starting at the farm, the HerdView system tracks animal movement providing insights and herd management tools for farmers. A select piece of that data is uploaded to blockchain and travels through the entire supply chain where then the meat is presented to the customer at a restaurant or grocery store. The customer can scan a QR code on the menu to view verified health and provenance data of the meat they are eating.