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Universal Electronics picks SecuriThings for cyber security

Steve Rogerson
September 11, 2019
IoT service provider Universal Electronics has selected technology from Israeli company SecuriThings to improve cyber security for its connected devices.
SecuriThings Horizon provides 360-degree visibility and control over IoT devices powered by California-based Universal’s QuickSet Cloud to help automate the detection process and reduce operational risks and costs.
SecuriThings is an IoT cyber security and health monitoring technology provider. Its software provides Universal with 360-degree visibility and control over its managed IoT devices, detecting and mitigating cyber attacks in real time, while reducing operational costs.
The cyber-security blind spot of IoT providers over their managed devices generates concerns as the inherent vulnerability of IoT products turns them into prime targets for cyber attacks such as brute force, IoT-specific malware, insider threats and IoT botnets. These connected devices, used for both consumer and commercial purposes, deployed across multiple home and enterprise networks, represent vulnerable entry points for hackers trying to reach critical assets and private data.
"We were looking for an adaptive, cost-effective and real-time solution to monitor large-scale deployments of our services across different regions and customer use cases, to assist our security centre teams in performing focused security investigations," said Arsham Hatambeiki, senior vice president at Universal Electronics. "Working with SecuriThings Horizon, we are able to detect and mitigate cyber threats such as rogue devices connecting to QuickSet Cloud, our IoT management platform, preventing data scraping via coordinated attacks and excessive operating costs. This translates into major savings and better quality of service for our customers – our main goal."
Following a learning period in which masses of data were analysed using various machine-learning capabilities, Horizon's transition to production allowed real-time threat detection and customisable on-the-spot mitigation. Alerts on any detected abnormal behaviour are sent to the SecuriThings-enabled IoT security operations centre, managed by Universal's team. This helps drive automated decisions and improve detection levels. SecuriThings' experts continuously support Universal's team as part of the on-going collaboration.
"IoT security starts at the edge," said Roy Dagan, CEO of SecuriThings. "Using Horizon, Universal now has full visibility and control, over their network of devices which consists of hundreds of millions of devices. This enables Universal to detect and mitigate various forms of cyber-attacks in a real-time and automated manner".
Universal is focused on bringing more capable and enhanced security monitoring to IoT devices offered to its customers, and is looking to expand these offerings through this collaboration.