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Unisys extends security to IoT medical devices

Steve Rogerson
May 1, 2018

Unisys has updated its Stealth security software suite to extend protection to medical monitoring machines and other IoT devices and connected equipment such as baggage scanners, industrial control systems and surveillance cameras.
The latest release of Stealth micro-segmentation software now protects IoT devices, isolating them from untrusted network segments within a Stealth-protected network to help prevent intrusion and remote tampering on the devices while protecting the corporate network from potential compromises initiated from unsecured devices. By joining a Stealth-defined secure community of interest, high-value devices are shielded from unauthorised access, reducing the attack surface.
This capability can be delivered as a virtual or physical gateway to protect devices where Stealth cannot be installed and with no hardware or software changes required to the purpose-built devices.
"Our new Stealth release extends the power of micro-segmentation to devices and data previously vulnerable to attack and unauthorised access," said Tarek El-Sadany, senior vice president at Pennsylvania-based Unisys. "So in a healthcare organisation, for example, Stealth can prevent and contain unauthorised access to medical devices and patient data, enabling secure, real-time data flow from devices to electronic heath record systems and reducing the cost of compliance with flexible security controls."
According to Gartner, legacy medical devices that were not designed to be internet-accessible are now being connected to the internet as part of healthcare initiatives, increasing risks and the attack surface. Gartner recommends that organisations create zones to house connected medical devices.
As with other connected systems, IoT devices such as health monitors and IV pumps are vulnerable to cyber attack. In addition, proprietary operating platforms and industry regulations often prohibit updates to the devices themselves, limiting organisations to the built-in security capabilities from device manufacturers.
These purpose-built devices need the ability to extend security beyond static factory-delivered controls to keep up with rapidly evolving, sophisticated threats released on a daily basis. Stealth now extends the power of micro-segmentation security to these devices.
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