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Unilectric introduces smart home energy controller

William Payne
January 18, 2017
Energy management and controls firm Unilectric has launched a home automation product, the Unilectric Energy Controller (UEC). Employing circuit-level digital instrumentation, the UEC is designed to manage the electrical network to drive a cloud-based solution for energy management, safety, and security. Complementing the custom designed hardware is a suite of mobile and web applications for managing the system.

The UEC, in concert with its cloud-based analytics tools, supports a wide range of home and business applications such as automating actions to streamline energy control, reducing energy consumption, ensuring safety, and enhancing security. The product also employs a set of proprietary dis-aggregation algorithms both to actively monitor performance and to spot potential problems affecting appliances and other devices, making it an attractive solution for residential and industrial customers.

According to Unilectric, the UEC is modular, globally capable, and scalable thus offering broad applicability across residential and commercial environments for US and World markets. A feature is the implementation of a utility-driven Automated Demand Response (ADR) function useful in reducing power usage during peak periods (with user notification and control of each event).  A user can pre-set rules to restrict usage of devices or change HVAC settings during peak periods.

"Unilectric offers a "highly differentiated solution" that is a key component for smart home and energy management which addresses key value propositions for consumers, businesses and channel partners, said Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates. "It enables new business models for energy services, cross selling with home services, lead generation, insurance loss mitigation, demand response and aging in place solutions."

Dan Van Ostrand, CEO of Unilectric, states, "Effective energy management is comprised of both measurements and actions.  Most energy management company products are really only energy monitors. Many of these companies believe that measuring a subset of select circuits or using software algorithms to divine individual device consumption from the total power measurement is sufficient. That is like selling a car with a speedometer and gas gauge but no steering wheel or brake pedal. We believe that 'knowing your power is only the beginning' of what is necessary to truly achieve energy efficiency and unlock the power of technology to truly integrate home and building automation, improve safety and enhance security.  We monitor and control every circuit, identify each device, look for anomalous usage or device behavior, communicate with Utilities to reduce peak demand and seamlessly interact with other devices in the home or building to provide the most advanced energy management platform on the market. This is the future of true home and building automation."