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ThingLogix and U-Blox come together on device management

Steve Rogerson
July 11, 2019
California-based ThingLogix and Swiss wireless module company U-Blox are working together to create a joint product that lets the U-Blox user community securely and economically manage their assets at scale.
U-Blox will deploy ThingLogix Foundry, a serverless IoT and no-code application development platform, to deliver a scalable, secure and mature platform that lets U-Blox provide its customers with subscription services and firmware over-the-air updates (FOTA) and device management for 4G LTE and 5G-ready communication modules.
"We are excited to partner with U-Blox to deliver increased operational efficiencies and improved customer experience while also accelerating their adoption of the serverless cloud technologies on AWS,” said Rob Rastovich, CTO at ThingLogix.
ThingLogix Foundry will provide an integrated customer portal that should improve the experience for the U-Blox community, its OEM manufacturers and end users. Devices will initially send FOTA data using LW-M2M protocol, which ThingLogix Foundry will convert and ingest through AWS IoT Core. Foundry's asset management and portal features will ensure that ecosystem partners can manage their own devices and data.
"By choosing ThingLogix Foundry, U-Blox will dramatically reduce the effort and cost associated to implement and run cloud-based asset management,” said Kelly Powell, VP for sales and marketing at ThingLogix.
U-Blox chose ThingLogix for Foundry's out of the box capabilities, which allowed for a short implementation time. In addition, Foundry provides:

  • Easy installation into its own AWS environment through CloudFormation;
  • Complete, out of the box asset management capabilities;
  • Reporting, visualisation and AI and machine learning capabilities;
  • Flexible, extensible and customisable platform requiring a minimal ramp up;
  • Out-of-the-box integration tools and connectors;
  • Support for multiple IoT protocols and easy expansion to convert custom protocols; and
  • 100% serverless architecture.
Serverless technology and multi-cloud applications are powering a new model for cloud adoption. ThingLogix Foundry has been implemented across multiple verticals to provide the scalability, security and flexibility needed to take business ideas to market.
U-Blox’s senior 5G tech lead Sylvia Lu has been awarded Woman of M2M and IoT 2019 by Connected World magazine.
“I am delighted to be awarded the prestigious Woman of M2M and IoT 2019 Award by Connected World,” said Lu. “It is truly amazing to be recognised for work you love and believe in. I am absolutely humbled to be able to play a role in driving the IoT industry forward.”