Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

U-Blox knew the script at Embedded World

Steve Rogerson
March 5, 2019

Swiss company U-Blox used last week’s Embedded World show in Nuremberg to push the benefits of its recently launched U-Connect Script to simplify wireless Bluetooth and wifi device development, enabling embedded script applications in the module while reducing complexity and cutting time to market.
“This lets you write your own application and put it directly on the module,” said Joakim Rydén (pictured), senior product manager at U-Blox. “It can be complex to set up an environment to write the application. With this, you can write the application in a text editor.”
The product has been out for test with selected customers.
“The result has been very positive,” he said. “One of our large distributors – Spezial Electronic – has this being demonstrated in its booth. It is seeing it is much easier for developers to develop using Bluetooth and wifi. We are helping people with embedded development.”
Because a lot of IoT applications run on batteries, keeping power consumption low is important. Rydén said the event-driven approach could help make very power efficient applications.
“Also, the JavaScript we are using is very light,” he said. “We don’t need too much overhead.”
The on-stand demonstration at the show had wifi-only and Bluetooth-only modules connected to a tablet as well as a combined wifi and Bluetooth module. All three could be controlled by the tablet. The combined module used either Bluetooth or wifi to connect to the other two modules and wifi to connect to the tablet.
“It uses U-Connect Script to read the sensor data and turn the LED on the device on or off,” said Rydén. “And with U-Connect, secure boot is supported. This is important to make IoT devices secure.”
Secure boot ensures that devices only boot up in the presence of original certified software. U-Connect further ensures link and data security with support for wifi enterprise security such as EAP-TLS, IP end-to-end security such as TLS and LE secure connections for Bluetooth.