Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Tuya open AIoT platform eases cloud development

Steve Rogerson
June 3, 2020

At last week’s online AI+IoT Business Conference, Tuya Smart announced its open AI+IoT (AIoT) cloud development platform that IoT developers can use for the cloud manufacturing, community SaaS and global B2B smart business industries.
Chinese firm Tuya co-sponsored the conference with Asia Pacific Intelligent Business Alliance (AIBA). It featured speakers from Google, Lenovo, Gree, TCL, Zigbee Alliance and more and was broadcast simultaneously in English and Mandarin.
While the Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected global economies, it has also brought a lot of opportunities for AIoT technologies and companies, with many people no choice but to explore ways round current distancing and working restrictions. Tuya has contributed by launching the Smart Tuya Community initiative as well as the Tuya Hotel and Apartment platforms, to help platform clients and consumers understand the data from their homes and immediate environments.
The cloud development platform facilitates exchanges and data sharing among developers.
Tuya's president and co-founder, Leo Chen said at the conference keynote: "Even though the pandemic is keeping us apart, it is bringing us together in a new era of AIoT. The core strategy of Tuya in 2020 is to open our platform to create fertile soil for AIoT developers."
Users will be able to access Tuya's IoT ecosystems, which have powered more than 90,000 different product models, as well as developer tools such as app SDKs, mini-programme and data API, as well as over 400 free-development products and 800 MCU SDKs, thereby offering an all-in-one package of hardware, cloud services, OS and SaaS development.
The platform is part of Tuya's plan to provide interconnectivity to its more than 180,000 global developers worldwide, based on a smart home concept. Clients and developers of IoT devices will be able to visualise products better, reduce processing times and improve detection and abnormalities. Early results from factories that are using Tuya's platform to manage production tasks and check production status remotely have been promising, effectively reducing the number of production abnormalities by 55% as well as shortening the delivery time by 32%.
Tuya expects its open developer platform to enable a thousand development projects for more than 20,000 cloud developers, facilitating over 40 million daily AI voice interactions and processing three billion daily messages, thereby providing developers a way to create customised PaaS and SaaS-level products.
Tuya Smart’s AIoT platform includes the app, connectivity and cloud. Tuya has smart-enabled more than 90,000 products worldwide across eight major smart home categories. The company is internationally operated from the USA, Germany, India, Japan and China.