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Trimble aims for Transportation Supply Chain Ecosystem

William Payne
September 19, 2019

Trimble has launched new capabilities for shippers, carriers and service providers to deliver a collaborative, connected ecosystem across the transportation supply chain.

The new solutions are designed to support enhanced data sharing and improved decision making. Through these capabilities, customers can securely exchange data and information through a unified user experience.

The Trust Centre is designed as a secure and centralised location for controlling data access allowed to visibility providers. 

Through the Trust Centre, Trimble's carrier customers can know which visibility providers will receive their data and which data they'll receive, enabling carriers to directly manage their data sharing to partners, integration by integration, down to the truck or shipper within a specific time frame.

The Market Insights feature is a key analysis tool that enables Trimble customers to view aggregated industry level pricing and transit time data. Designed to take the guesswork out of pricing, Market Insights helps carriers to create more accurate, market-based prices for their routes.

The Developer Network is a unified location for documentation and code samples. The Developer Network is designed to help customers and third-party visibility providers to use standardised automatic programming interfaces (APIs) for integration with Trimble Transportation Management System (TMS) and Mobility platforms. 

This network will also provide details allowing partners to understand what configurations are possible and provide users with a more efficient method of maintaining system-to-system integration, both to Trimble and non-Trimble business systems.

"With the profound amount of data being shared between entities in the transportation industry, it's more important than ever to be vigilant and proactive about secure data-sharing practices," said Mark Botticelli, chief technology officer for Trimble Transportation. "Our new set of capabilities not only protects customer data, but it provides unmatched visibility into this data to inform decidedly better decisions."

"We are committed to helping our customers exchange data and information in a clear, concise and singular way," said Botticelli. "This dynamic new technology gives customers control of their data to provide visibility into freight movements as well as uncover deep data insights to help them run their businesses more efficiently."