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Trinity and Vivify partner on virtual health care

Steve Rogerson
February 14, 2017

Michigan-based health care delivery company Trinity Health plans to provide virtual care to home health patients using Vivify Health continual care technologies. The initiative is intended to reduce readmissions and ER visits for home health patients and help avoid preventable hospitalisations.
“Our goal is to provide all Trinity Health At Home patients with care that is compassionate, proactive and transforming while keeping them in their own homes,” said John Capasso, executive vice president of Trinity Health. “By investing in an innovative technology that addresses the unique and immediate needs of higher-risk and rising-risk patients, we are demonstrating our commitment to the people we serve as a health system focused on helping them transform their health and improve their lives."
Home care patients often need frequent monitoring for numerous medical complications, and have unique needs and questions that can be difficult to address on a timely basis through sporadic in-clinic visits. To address these problems, Trinity Health At Home will extend remote care to the majority of all patients admitted to its home care agencies through its Home Care Connect programme, which uses technology from Texas-based Vivify Health.
Paired with Trinity Health At Home’s expertise in delivering people-centred home based care, the Vivify technology will create a virtual connection in each patient's home, assuring patients of continual, attentive care. The initial go-live begins this month in Trinity Health's south-east Michigan communities, before expanding to other agencies in seven states – Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, California, Maryland and Ohio.
"As guests in our patients' homes, we can make a greater impact on health and well-being than we can anywhere else because it is here, in this sacred place, that people are empowered and much more engaged in their care experience," said Erin Denholm, president and CEO of Trinity Health At Home. "These technologies will enable us to proactively monitor our home care patients and provide in-the-moment interventions that can make the difference between their staying at home or being transferred to the hospital. We look forward to celebrating the positive impact this programme will have on our patients' lives."
The all-in-one system will be provided directly to patients being served throughout Trinity Health At Home. It is designed for instant use, right out of the box and includes a wireless 4G-enabled tablet configured with voice and text instructions that walks users through simple steps for monitoring and reporting on their current wellness status and for taking part in virtual visits and patient education programmes.
Additional wireless health devices connected to the tablet automatically collect patient data regarding weight, blood pressure and other relevant measurements. These tools, along with brief customised surveys taken on the tablet, allow patients to self-report and receive feedback on their health status immediately.
"Vivify’s Pathways +Home ushers in the next generation of virtual care by making the technology easy for all patients to use, regardless of age, health status or technology literacy," said Eric Rock, CEO of Vivify Health. "This simplicity of use, combined with Vivify’s ability to incorporate family member participation, is key to effectively caring for newly-discharged patients with advanced illnesses from remote locations."
Trinity Health is one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the USA, serving diverse communities that include more than 30 million people across 22 states. Trinity Health includes 93 hospitals, as well as 120 continuing care programmes.