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Trimble smart tools for bulk fuel deliveries

William Payne
September 20, 2018

Trimble has launched two new services designed to improve the management of fuel deliveries. The enhanced Fuel TMS module is a management tool for fuel delivery that incorporates fuel demand monitoring, order creation, planning and asset management. The new TMW Go! Fuel mobile application enables dispatchers the ability to access the system when they are away from their computers. 

The new services are designed to support bulk fuel carriers operating on narrow margins. The enhanced Fuel TMS module is designed to help increase control over order management, dispatch, driver planning and automated billing, which helps operators streamline fuel supply chain processes for better customer service, increased asset productivity and more accurate billing.

The tool allows dispatchers to handle more site demand and gives drivers and carriers the ability to more efficiently schedule and increase the percent of loaded miles. Another key benefit of the system is the replenishment forecasting tool that allows customers, in a near real-time manner, to automatically build right-sized orders to fulfil demand against tank information.

"The improvements made to the Fuel TMS tool will enable our customers to manage their fuel deliveries at a greater level than ever before," said Jay Delaney, senior director product management, Trimble Transportation Enterprise. "With increased visibility into deliveries, the ability to increase production and the improved efficiency in back-office duties, we expect users will see greater control over the fuel delivery supply chain and higher levels of customer satisfaction."

The TMW Go! Fuel mobile application is designed to provide drivers with the ability to perform the basic functions of a fuel delivery driver while away from the on-board computer in the truck. The application enables drivers to view and update their trips and provide information about their own intentions for rest and fuel stops. When a customer calls asking for an immediate update on a shipment, they can access fuel delivery information and track progress from anywhere.

This new application allows customers the ability to track deliveries and update order information more efficiently, which can reduce errors of an employee trying to remember what information to change later in the day. Also, with real-time tracking, users have the ability to set customer expectations and deliver upon promised delivery times.