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Trilliant upgrades metering on Isle of Man

Steve Rogerson
May 7, 2019

Manx Utilities is replacing its existing prepayment metering system with a secure open communications platform for the Isle of Man, a self-governing island of the west coast of England. It will use technology from North Carolina-based Trilliant.
Manx Utilities is a statutory board of the Isle of Man government and is the sole provider of electricity on the island providing its customers with safe, reliable, efficient and economic power in addition to supplying natural gas and clean water, processing waste water, and managing a commercial telecoms network.
This partnership brings Trilliant and Manx Utilities together to enable smart capabilities for the island by replacing existing electricity meters with an advanced metering infrastructure platform, which will provide connectivity for nearly 50,000 properties including residential, industrial and commercial clients, with plans for it to be expanded to enable additional smart grid technologies in the future.
"It was crucial for us to partner with an organisation that will allow us to deliver a purpose-built network that is scalable and can easily support additional applications," said Alex Allinson, chairman of MHK, the Isle of Man parliament. "We are committed to implementing a secure and robust communication infrastructure creating the platform for enhanced electricity services and to build further resilience into the network, for the benefit of all our customers.”
By using Trilliant's low-power wide area network (LPWAN) technology, Manx Utilities can obtain coverage, capacity, network longevity and overall performance across the island. This can provide reliable and strong communications for smart grid and smart city technologies.
"We are thrilled to partner with Manx Utilities," said Tom Tipple, managing director of Emea for Trilliant. "Along with other smart installations across the Emea region, Manx Utilities is a showcase example of how innovative companies are focused on building an open and secure communications platform that allows smart energy, smart city and, indeed, smart island applications to integrate onto a single hybrid wireless communications platform. Manx Utilities' approach of vertical expansion into additional products and services perfectly matches the connection platform that Trilliant provides in order to connect with their clients and partners for reducing emissions by integrating renewable energy into their smart network."
The platform is seen as a launchpad for future applications, such as smart streetlights and water meters.
The Isle of Man covers an area of 573 square kilometres and has a population of over 80,000.