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Traxens aids Rotterdam in smart container project

Steve Rogerson
October 30, 2019

French supply chain data and services company Traxens is working with the port of Rotterdam in its the WeAre42 smart container project. Traxens will provide technology to help answer questions on logistical efficiency, sustainability and the future of technology in the supply chain.
Over the course of two years, Container 42 will be shipped to ports around the world and share information it has gathered on this data-collecting mission. The container is equipped with Traxens’ device and communication technology that will generate IoT data via its platform, Traxens Hub.
Traxens will provide part of the entire embedded technology; it will measure changes in everything from vibration, acceleration, position and sound to local air pollution, temperature and humidity. The smart container has also been fitted with solar panels; the journey will help determine how much power the container generates and uses for data gathering.
Rotterdam is in a vanguard in digitisation as it strives to become the smartest port in the world. Looking to transform port logistics, processes and the way cargo is shipped across the globe, Traxens has been chosen as one of the partners in this initiative.
The company’s IoT technology provides real-time information for managing logistics assets anywhere in the world.
“Traxens is the future of digitalisation in the supply chain industry,” said Jacques Delort, managing director at Traxens. “Our smart technology will gather, generate and aggregate data from Container 42 in this worldwide data finding mission. The port of Rotterdam is one of the leading ports in the world. We are looking forward to working with them to digitally transform multimodal supply chains and improve logistical efficiency.”
The objective of the Port of Rotterdam Authority is to enhance the port’s position as a logistics hub and industrial complex, not only in terms of size, but also with regard to quality. The port authority is therefore leading the transition to sustainable energy and is committed to digitalisation to make the port and the supply chain more efficient. The core tasks of the port authority are to develop, manage and exploit the port in a sustainable way and to deliver speedy and safe services for shipping.
“We are very happy to welcome Traxens to the Container 42 journey,” said Erwin Rademaker, programme manager for the port of Rotterdam. “We believe the digitisation of Rotterdam’s port services will contribute to even safer, swifter and more reliable forwarding of cargo. At some point in the future, it will also enable Rotterdam to accommodate autonomous shipping in its port area.”
Traxens and IoT device management company AV System have announced a partnership that enables management of asset trackers with the Coiote IoT device management platform. Traxens provides real-time insight into global supply chains in industries such as shipping or aviation by using devices that track containers transported on vessels, airplanes or trains. The trackers, through the use of the LwM2M protocol, can perform firmware and software upgrades over-the-air, as well as provide information, such as geolocation, temperature and various other conditions in the environment surrounding the containers.