Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Traqueur launches IoT track-and-trace tool for Sigfox network

Steve Rogerson
March 3, 2015
French telematics company Traqueur announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week an IoT-based track-and-trace tool to secure and track property and objects. Called, Nano, this autonomous mobile beacon is designed to optimise the potential of the Sigfox IoT network.
Said to be easy to install and conceal, Nano uses multiple location technologies (radio and GPS) to ensure fool proof tracking, indoor as well as outdoor. Offering battery life of up to five years, it also displays functionalities of UHF direction finding for locating buried and hidden objects (indoor underground geo-location). Its high-sensitivity GPS module and integrated antenna also can transmit its position via the Sigfox network when the beacon moves (outdoor geo-location).
In June 2014, Traqueur formed a strategic technical partnership with Sigfox and claims to be the only operator in France to master UHF, VHF, GSM and GPS technologies to offer services for vehicle and equipment security.
"Certified Sigfox ready and provided with mixed UHF and GPS technology, the Nano beacon means that we can offer the widest range of technology of the track-and-trace type on the market and can address new segments including merchandise and logistics, for example,” said Marc Verdet, CEO of Traqueur. “We are also accelerating our international development through distribution partnerships in every country with a Sigfox network infrastructure. Nano and our partnership with Sigfox allow us to again get one jump ahead in terms of innovation in the track-and-trace market."
Nano is smaller than a pack of cigarettes and has been designed to be extremely easy to install. In addition to its electronic autonomy, the high-sensitivity radio and GPS antennas integrated into the beacon itself are claimed to give outstanding performances whatever the installation location.
Responding to growing global demand for monitoring and securing sensitive goods and merchandise (any size and not electronically powered), Nano’s roaming features open up prospects for international marketing.
"The development of this new beacon by Traqueur, based on our network, is extremely innovative and shows the limitless scope for innovation that Sigfox technology allows,” said Stuart Lodge, executive vice president of global sales at Sigfox. “This technology gives by far the longest battery life on the market, a decisive advantage for applications such as the location of property. The solution developed by Traqueur, because it is very demanding, confirms the legitimacy of our technology wherever the Sigfox network is deployed.”