Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Trakopolis platform combines asset tracking and logging

Steve Rogerson
March 19, 2019

Alberta-based Trakopolis IoT has launched a platform that incorporates asset tracking, load sharing and electronic logging devices (ELD).
The Transportation Trifecta is a tangible example of collaboration and digital transformation that combines safety, compliance, administration, asset optimisation, load sharing and customer service.
It connects the Trakopolis platform to the load-sharing web site Moveitonline, Mullen Group's proprietary load sharing platform, developed by Trakopolis, and ELD technology for compliance and driver communications. 
“Moveitonline has been very important to the development of Mullen Group’s logistics business and the Transportation Trifecta should enhance the capabilities of our 300 certified carriers,” said Richard Maloney, senior vice president of Mullen Group.
With the Transportation Trifecta, users have a consolidated platform from which to access their data and comply with hours of service reporting requirements, identify drivers and their behaviour, find location optimised loads, and manage assets with analytics.
“Bringing mobile connectivity into Moveitonline marks an important milestone for Trakopolis and underscores our long-held strategy to deliver far reaching functionality by bringing complementary technologies together,” said Trakopolis CEO Brent Moore.
Moveitonline has approximately 300 certified carriers, which represents over 21,000 lorries and 40,000 trailers.  Carriers focusing on digital transformation can now purchase this integrated platform that manages a considerable number of business functions.
Trakopolis is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company with proprietary, cloud-based products for real-time tracking, data analysis and management of corporate assets such as equipment, devices, vehicles and workers. The company’s asset management platform works across a variety of networks and devices. It has a diversified revenue stream from many verticals including oil and gas, forestry, transportation, construction, rentals, urban services, mining, and government.