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BYD deploys Trackloop for cold-chain monitoring

Steve Rogerson
February 20, 2019

Chinese vehicle maker BYD is using technology from Canadian companies Trackloop Analytics and Volta Air Technologies to deploy temperature-monitoring software in one of the first all-electric refrigeration delivery vehicles demonstrated for commercial use in North America.
BYD Motors plans to offer all-electric refrigeration delivery vehicles throughout North America.
The demonstration vehicles use Volta Air's transport refrigeration unit, equipped with Trackloop's real-time cold-chain monitoring and tracking software to create and establish zero-emission refrigerated delivery vehicles.
This collaboration will create an alternative to conventional refrigeration units for urban delivery vehicles. Most delivery vehicles used commercially are either petrol or diesel powered, and consume a significant amount of fuel.
Trackloop's software allows users to monitor and control all systems related to operation of the refrigeration unit, as well as location tracking. A commercial demonstration is underway with two vehicles by Baldor Specialty Foods in New York and Raley's Supermarkets & D&D Produce in California. Vehicles have also been showcased at several food delivery and transportation expos.
"We are very proud to be with leaders in the food logistics industry, involved in building a more sustainable future," said Trackloop CTO Zayn Kalyan. “Working with BYD Motors and Volta Air on this project to successfully demonstrate the value of all-electric refrigeration delivery vehicles is a massive milestone in the company's roadmap, and the industry as a whole.”
Trackloop is looking beyond existing technology to the future of the delivery vehicle industry as electrification and automation take over the motor-vehicle industry as a whole. The company's vision is to be vehicle agnostic and push the envelope, ensuring robust integration to electric and autonomous delivery vehicles.
The software is said to be ahead of the curve for operational data collection and analytics, both of which are crucial for the development and advancement of the integrated technologies. Through partnerships with automotive manufacturers, Trackloop aims to become the software of choice for delivery tracking used in urban delivery vehicles and eventually the rest of the supply chain.
Analytics software company Trackloop Analytics is leveraging digital asset technology to transform and modernise multiple industries. It is taking a diversified approach to the analytics and technology space, delivering practical products in the finance, logistics, cannabis and pharmaceutical industries. The company's turnkey real-time tracking offers IoT and AI technology to provide data and business intelligence.