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Tote Maritime deploys M2M containers in Puerto Rico

Steve Rogerson
July 18, 2017

Tote Maritime is continuing its tradition of using M2M in the shipping industry with its purchase this year of 350 high-tech smart refrigerated containers to service the Puerto Rico trade route.
The US company was among the shipping industry’s pioneers in using M2M telematics technology to monitor and control remotely conditions of refrigerated perishables during transport. Since 2011, it has deployed Orbcomm’s StarGuard system to monitor and control its refrigerated containers, or reefers, from point of origin to destination.
The monitoring increases safety and efficiency of supply chain operations while providing real-time, end-to-end visibility of shipments in Tote Maritime’s cold chain.
The company’s entire reefer fleet is now equipped with the StarGuard system. The fleet will now also use Orbcomm’s GMS-based VesselConnect M2M application securely providing critical real-time data from reefers. The technology allows Tote to monitor set points, conduct pre-trip inspections on-board and expedite cargo distribution on land.
VesselConnect also provides the precise monitoring and record keeping needed for compliance with the latest requirements of the FDA’s Food Safety Modernisation Act being implemented this year.
“Tote’s technology investments are part of its commitment to maintain the most modern fleet serving the USA and Puerto Rico,” said Bill Taylor, vice president of US sales. “Our customers rely on Tote Maritime for dependable refrigerated shipping. That’s why it is so important for us to maintain the youngest, most efficient fleet in the industry.”
The refrigerated containers are scheduled to arrive in Jacksonville this summer. They will be equipped with Carrier’s PrimeLine machinery, the latest cooling technology available for refrigerated equipment. In addition to the 350 reefers, Tote Maritime also received 100 Carrier gensets this spring to provide power to its reefer fleet.