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Toshiba smart glasses use pick-by-vision capability

Steve Rogerson
July 24, 2018

A pick-by-vision order picking capability in Toshiba’s smart glasses is designed to improve workflow efficiencies within the logistics sector.
The enhanced DynaEdge DE-100 and AR100 viewer assisted reality smart glasses use the xPick pick-by-vision system.
These capabilities have been delivered through Toshiba’s partnership with wearable computing firm Ubimax, which has experience in developing dedicated products to improve the workflows of companies across many industries. XPick follows xMake, xInspect and xAssist as the most recent addition to the DynaEdge suite of assisted reality workflow modules, optimising productivity for businesses operating in the industrial sector.
“The reception from our customers and partners following the launch of our first suite of modules was overwhelming,” said Jan Junker, chief commercial officer at Germany-based Ubimax. “We’ve really responded to market demand by further enhancing industrial workflows with the expanded level of smart glasses we’re running on the Windows platform. Working alongside Toshiba to drive transformational change across a variety of sectors has been a real highlight of our partnership. XPick, running on Toshiba’s DynaEdge platform, will work seamlessly alongside our existing modules to create efficiencies on an entirely new level.”
It is designed to improve productivity levels throughout workflows, assisting from the manual order picking, sorting and inventory management stages, right through to goods receipt and removal processes. Efficiencies are delivered through a hands-free, assisted reality display with instructions transmitted directly through the data glasses into the employee’s field of vision. Barcode-scanning, weight-checking and localisation modules can be included to increase accuracy levels and further streamline workflows.
“Intelligent assisted reality has really captured the market’s attention over the past 12 months,” said Maki Yamashita, senior vice president for Japan-based Toshiba in Europe. “Indeed, our latest study found that 77 per cent of all IT decision-makers surveyed in Germany plan to introduce this innovative technology to their businesses over the course of the next three years. We’ve found that the opportunity to maximise productivity while expanding an organisation’s suite of connected devices is a winning combination, particularly when it comes to manufacturing and logistics-based enterprises.”