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TI multiprotocol gigabit TSN-enabled processors for Industry 4.0

William Payne
November 1, 2018

Claiming an industry first, Texas Instruments (TI) has announced a multiprotocol gigabit (Gb) time-sensitive networking (TSN)-enabled processor family designed for Industry 4.0 applications, factory automation, motor drives and electric grid infrastructure.

The Sitara AM6x processor family is designed to provide industrial-grade reliability, with quad and dual Arm Cortex-A53 core variants.

By supporting gigabit throughput rates for TSN standards and other industrial protocols in a specific subsystem, Sitara AM6x processors are built for the convergence of both Ethernet and real-time data traffic on a single network. This capability is critical for real-time communication in Industry 4.0 applications and enables software-reconfigurable cyber physical systems in factories.

The inclusion of an on-chip isolated dual-core microcontroller (MCU) subsystem is designed to enable designers to use AM6x processors to create more dependable and functional safety-certifiable products, while reducing overall system-level complexity for applications including programmable logic controllers (PLC) and multi-axis motor drives. Comprehensive support for error-correcting-code (ECC) memory protection for both on-chip memory and external DDR memory and for  100,000 power-on hours (PoH) at a 105C junction temperature (T_(J)) operation enable AM6x processors to perform in high-reliability applications. This processor family allows developers to scale their designs to fit the needs of their system with pin-compatible processors that operate with a unified software platform.