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Gilat satellites extend TIM’s IoT reach in Brazil

Steve Rogerson
April 4, 2019
Mobile operator TIM in Brazil has selected Gilat Satellite Networks backhaul offering to enable 4G services to unserved areas, such as highways and small towns, as well as to the agribusiness IoT market.
Initially, the Israeli satellite networking company will supply 1000 VSATs to complement TIM's cellular coverage programme, called 4G TIM in the Field.
"The partnership with Gilat will enable TIM Brasil to utilise the 4G TIM in the Field project to extend its 4G coverage from the coastline into the country for the benefit of the agribusiness IoT market," said Marco Di Costanzo, engineering director at TIM Brasil. "Gilat's satellite backhaul solution will allow the 4G network expansion for connectivity of machines and operators to real-time control and monitoring of harvesters and agricultural tractors, ensuring cost-effective decisions, better crop management and greater speed, efficiency and productivity in the production flow."
Further to the 4G TIM in the Field project, already providing connectivity to major farm and mill partners, TIM is planning a complete national coverage calling for expanding its 4G services inland to increase productivity of the farming industry market in rural Brazil. The project allows communications between the field and the office, addressing one of the main challenges of the agribusiness market. The project provides real-time connectivity and automation. 
"We are excited to support TIM Brasil's vision of extending 4G coverage inland to the rural areas of Brazil for the benefit of the agribusiness IoT market," said Tobias Dezordi, regional vice president for Latin America at Gilat. "TIM Brasil's selection of Gilat further validates our vision that LTE cellular backhauling over satellite provides affordable, high quality broadband connectivity, solidifying Gilat's LTE backhauling leadership and demonstrating our technological superiority in supporting more and more applications, such as highways and the fast growing IoT market."
In partnership with TIM, Gilat will supply a 4G backhaul over a multi-spot beam Ku-band satellite to enable reach to the most remote areas of Brazil. The satellite backhaul will support the agribusiness IoT market as well as extending coverage to highways and improving the quality of life of the region's population, by enabling access to 4G mobile connectivity.