Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Chinese RFID tag and IoT platform tackles iron and steel logistics

Steve Rogerson
April 15, 2015
Chinese company Tianjin General Shengyuan IoT Technology has launched a UHF RFID tag for iron and steel, and a cloud-based internet-of-things platform for steel logistics and bulk commodity management. China’s non-state-controlled steel producer General Steel Holdings has a majority stake in the company.
The tag is compatible with the EPC electronic product code data standard. Coupled with the cloud-based IoT platform, it can enable steel mills to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of logistic planning and management.
"We appreciate the high-efficiency efforts of General Shengyuan IoT, which quickly launched its first major product less than two months after its inception in February,” said Henry Yu, chairman and CEO of General Steel. “This new product combines the expert team's RFID technology and General Steel's vertical expertise to tap China's huge market potential for steel logistics management. We are pleased with our progress in business transformation, and remain confident that the joint venture will drive greater synergies and efficiency enhancements soon."
The cloud-based platform integrates the tag with sensors, satellite communications, data collection devices, wireless vehicle terminals and handsets to aggregate real-time data transmissions and provide long-distance tracking and management of bulk commodities. The platform also integrates with EMS effective management and ERP enterprise resource planning systems for real-time inventory management. The company has initiated internal procedures for patent applications of the tag and IoT platform.
"Our unique combination of UHF RFID tag and cloud-based platform is ideal for customers with heavy demands for inventory management and asset tracking,” said Michael Au, CEO of General Shengyuan IoT. “Our solution is built on our deepest understanding of the unmet needs for steel logistics and, as a result, we have received exceedingly positive feedback and acceptance from customers' initial trials. Furthermore, our system's ability to provide long-distance asset tracking and real-time inventory will enable steel manufacturers to receive additional bank financing through collateralised in-transit assets and thereby improve working capital and financial flexibility.
“With this exciting new product that addresses not only China's large and untapped steel logistics management market but also the country's huge market potential for bulk commodity logistics management, we are very optimistic about our prospects."