Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Thawani launches IoT platform and signs deal with Haya Water

Steve Rogerson
May 15, 2019

Muscat-based Thawani Technologies has launched an IoT platform called Makank that can be used to initiate payment requests using RFID stickers linked to a vehicle and a Thawani user’s account.
Haya Water, the Oman government-owned company that operates wastewater network and sewage treatment plants, has become the first to use the platform. By activating the services of the platform Haya Water hopes to improve its efficiency of tanker owner operations.
The first application of the platform is used to trigger payments for tankers accessing a facility for a defined fee. This automated system helps reduce human intervention in gate access management. Makank controls the gate barrier to open automatically by reading the RFID sticker after applying fees rules and allows the vehicle to enter without any human intervention. The system can also be used for other applications that will be announced later this year.
For the Haya project, each tanker will be provided a sticker and the Makank system will read the tanker details and offer gate access after applying fee guidelines.
“This is in line with the company’s plans to provide smart solutions in alignment with the sultanate’s plan to drive smart city initiatives in Oman,” said Majid bin Fayil Al Amri, founder and CEO of Thawani. “Our vision is to employ the latest technology to improve the lifestyle of individuals and entities. This service is a qualitative and smart shift in the way payments are received by tankers and will make completing payment processes easy, intelligent and secure.”
The Thawani app was ranked among the best applications by Information Technology Authority (ITA) for the realisation of its goals within a short period after launch. It was praised for its contribution to the dissemination of a culture of electronic payment and its commitment to provide services according to standards and systems adopted locally and globally. It was also commended for innovation and the use of technologies such as the IoT and artificial intelligence to meet the needs of individuals and the requirements of the infrastructure of smart cities.
“With the digital transformation taking place in the world and the sultanate’s use of digital technology under the Fourth Industrial Revolution, intelligent solutions have been found to facilitate tanks management procedures,” said Hussain Abdul Hussain, CEO of Haya Water. “Cooperation with a leading Omani company in providing and innovating smart payment solutions such as Thawani will improve the experience of the beneficiaries and develop the mechanism of dealing with them.”
Saud bin Nasser Al Shehdani, senior operating director for Haya Water District, said the project would directly address the requirements of the beneficiaries as it would save time and efforts and provide an easy and safe way.
Users can download the Thawani app from the Apple Store or Google Play to manage their finances. All Thawani app users are assured of keeping their banking data completely private. Users will not have to share any card, bank or account information at any point to complete transactions. The application is in line with the Central Bank of Oman’s regulations and maintains the international PCI DSS standards for data integrity and secure encryption.
Everything from its set-up and creating an account to using the app on a day-to-day basis has been designed around simplicity. The aim of the app is to introduce an alternative payment method that would not only be simple to use but would always work and help people budget better, while adhering to security standards for customers and merchants.