Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Secure Channels chooses Thales for IoT protection

Steve Rogerson
January 23, 2020

California-based Secure Channels has picked encryption key management and software licencing platforms from French multinational Thales to protect its quantum-resilient encryption keys for its IoT-enabled devices.
By using Thales’ key management platform, both companies’ customers can benefit from increased data protection no matter the connected device, even if there is no security protection in place. In addition, Thales’ software licensing platform will enable easy access to Secure Channels’ cyber-security software technology for users and manufacturers, thus ensuring all IoT devices can be protected easily either at source or retrospectively.
“Thales’ Sentinel entitlement management software has enabled the first generation of truly secure connected devices,” said Secure Channels chief executive officer Richard Blech. “With the vast increase in the number of connected devices hitting the market recently, many are landing in the hands of users without any real protection. The Sentinel EMS tool has enabled our encryption to be launched, managed and distributed within very secure offline environments in addition to cloud-based connected devices protecting the multitude of data flowing within them.”
Thales’ enterprise key management platform provides secure storage for the larger-than-average encryption keys required for long-term data protection. Secure Channels’ Xotic strong cryptosystem ranges in encryption strengths from 512bit to more than 8000bit protection. Xotic’s bottom floor is twice as strong as the prevalent 256bit encryption that will have questionable efficacy against post-quantum attacks. The combined key management and evolved-encryption gives users highly secure, archive-level data protection across each IoT-enabled device they develop and own.
Manufacturers are challenged with protecting user data transmitted and stored in devices with power, bandwidth and CPU constraints that preclude the use of adequate encryption. As the demand for the rate of connected devices has increased, this has resulted in sub-optimal security that leaves the data vulnerable to malicious third parties. Xotic’s light-weight footprint and high-speed performance provide manufacturers with strong encryption that fits in their devices while preserving responsiveness.
The collaboration gives improved access to Secure Channels’ Xotic via Thales’ software licensing platform, Sentinel EMS. This platform provides security benefits to manufacturers of devices that transmit sensitive user data, as increasing data privacy regulations assign liability and penalties for a failure to provide reasonable security protection.
The threat of quantum computing is something that could dominate the business world for years to come as the fear of its computing power is likely to grow,” said Sebastien Cano, senior vice president for cloud protection and licensing activities at Thales. “We’re delighted to partner with Secure Channels to put these fears to bed from now on by protecting any connected device no matter the level of protection they already have or don’t have, and enable companies to focus on innovating and progressing without a lingering doubt over the long-term futures of their sensitive data. It’s also vital that security is seen as easy to use and easily accessible, as provided by our licensing platform.”
Thales provides services and products to users in the aeronautics, space, transport, digital identity, security and defence markets. With 80,000 employees in 68 countries, Thales generated sales of €19bn in 2018.