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Teracom and Loriot complete Danish LoRa network

Steve Rogerson
April 16, 2019
Danish telecommunications operator Teracom and Swiss IoT infrastructure-provider Loriot have completed a nationwide LoRaWan in Denmark.
“The interest for IoT and the demand for internet-of-things connectivity is growing dramatically in Denmark,” said Martin Løbel, chief executive officer of Teracom. “Teracom is fully committed to provide full coverage to the whole country and the roll-out is almost completed. Loriot’s network server allows us to easily set-up and manage such a large network and enables our customers to scale their applications.”
Loriot provides the management system of the network, ensuring performance, flexibility, security and compliance with local regulations. The infrastructure enables IoT applications in a range of sectors including smart metering, smart farming, smart building and smart city.
“Teracom is one of our best partners and we are extremely happy to keep on building the future of IoT with such a partner,” said Julian Studer, chief operating officer of Loriot. “The Danish nationwide rollout strengthens our leading positioning in Europe and we are confident that it will generate even greater demand for and dissemination of IoT.”
The Danish LoRaWan is operative and growing and Teracom says it is ready to receive and serve the local market demand.
Teracom is a supplier of nationwide telecommunications and broadcast networks, servicing public service and commercial radio and TV stations as well as infrastructure for IoT and mission critical communications networks.
Based on Teracom's own IP and broadcast infrastructure, as well as its nationwide field service organisation and 24-hour network operations centre, Teracom provides a range of services to the Danish Broadcast Company, the national coastal radio and the Danish defence, as well as various network, data centre and media services to Danish telecoms operators and enterprises.
Due to its positioning in the LoRa ecosystem as both software provider and network operator, Loriot says it can provide one of the most powerful and complete systems in the market. Its core product is software for scalable, distributed, resilient and secure operation of LoRaWans and end-to-end applications that reduces time to market for its clients.