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NimbeLink helps Telus deploy asset tracking on LTE-M

Steve Rogerson
April 2, 2019

Canadian telco Telus is introducing countrywide asset tracking on its LTE-M network using technology from Minneapolis-based NimbeLink, a developer and marketer of cellular-based IoT products and services.
The NimbeLink AT2 asset tracker is at the heart of the Telus LTE-M asset monitor and lets users track the movement and condition of their key assets throughout Canada.
“We are very excited to have been selected by Telus as one of their first low-powered asset trackers for the Canadian market,” said Scott Schwalbe, CEO and co-founder of NimbeLink. “The launch of the Telus LTE-M network provided the perfect opportunity to debut our tracking solution across the border in Canada. Our customers will not only benefit from its strength and capabilities, but also those delivered by Telus’ new, state-of-the-art LTE-M network.”
Designed to operate both indoors and outdoors in a wide range of temperatures, the service can monitor location, movement, temperature and humidity of any non-powered asset, including food products and ingredients, shipping pallets and bins, trailers, toolboxes, and construction equipment.
“The Telus LTE-M network was purpose-built to enable next generation IoT devices like the ruggedised NimbeLink AT2,” said Michael Cihra, vice president at Telus. “Boasting the most comprehensive LTE-M coverage in Canada, the Telus LTE-M network is truly brought to life by the devices it enables. The AT2 is a perfect example of a simple, scalable IoT device that provides considerable benefits to our customers leveraging the Telus LTE-M network.”
NimbeLink makes carrier-certified Skywire embedded modems and asset-tracking products that are said to be created and deployed right the first time, reducing risk and time to market.