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Telit enters antenna partnership in India

Steve Rogerson
December 23, 2014
Thiagarajar Telekom is to provide Telit Wireless customers in India with antenna design, development and testing services. Thiagarajar is India’s leading research-driven wireless design company providing antenna design, RF component and system design, and transmitter and receiver design services for current and emergent wireless applications in space, defence, vehicular tracking and in-building applications.
This alliance should help Telit customers get access to all services provided by Thiagarajar.
“Antenna performance is very critical for a successful wireless product design,” said T Kannan, Director at Thiagarajar. “If the antenna is not well-tuned, customers can face interference during communication with the modules and poor antenna performance can lead to communication failure of M2M networks. At Thiagarajar, we not only provide customers design and development services, but also provide precertification-level testing facilities. Thiagarajar has expertise in providing end-to-end solutions for all antenna design and testing requirements. This would be a major benefit to Telit customers.”
Since antenna performance is one of the key aspects of seamless wireless communications with M2M modules, this alliance should help customers seeking to ensure optimal performance and compliance for their M2M devices by using Thiagarajar’s antenna design, development and RF testing services.
“This partnership with Thiagarajar is a significant step for Telit towards providing customer-oriented services and strengthening its position in the Indian market,” said Ashish Gulati, country manager for Telit India. “Thiagarajar’s proven experience and expertise in antenna design and testing services will help our customers get access to hi-tech labs and training services at the best possible cost.”
Thiagarajar provides reliable and accurate far-field antenna measurements using indoor and outdoor open antenna range facilities. In addition to antenna measurements, antenna-related problems such as detuning, gain drops, pattern spikes, polarisation impurity and anything else that may arise during measurements by necessary tuning and trimming of antennas can also be solved.