Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Telit, SAP to address analytics opportunities in M2M

Iain Morris

March 6, 2014

Telit subsidiary ILS Technology is collaborating with SAP on integrating its M2M applications platform – branded deviceWISE M2M AEP – with HANA, the German software giant’s in-memory platform.

The development is aimed at opening up new opportunities in the area of big data and analytics, allowing companies to make improvements to the operations of their devices and machines.

The use of real-time analytics in cold storage, for instance, could help food and drinks companies to control the quality, temperature and freshness of their inventories – whether in product, during transit or in distribution centers.

Customers using the technology would also be able to monitor real-time demand and inventories, and make improvements to scheduling and logistics to boost profitability.

Telit (London, UK) also says that performance data collected from coolers and freezers could be used to support “predictive maintenance” – significantly extending the lifetime of equipment.

“We’re pleased to collaborate with SAP [Walldorf, Germany] on enabling M2M data analytics and applications by integrating the capabilities of the deviceWISE M2M AEP with the innovative SAP HANA platform,” said Fred Yentz, the chief executive of ILS Technology. “We expect that customers will be able to reduce cost, time-to-market and complexity when creating new IoT applications and performing analytics using data from connected remote devices via the cloud or their existing enterprise systems.”

Telit says the tie-up with SAP will strengthen its position as a “one-stop-shop” for M2M services.

“SAP is among the world’s most-respected organizations, bringing advanced enterprise software capabilities that can complement Telit’s wireless M2M modules, connectivity and cloud services,” said Oozi Cats, Telit’s chief executive.

SAP is hoping to capitalize on its expertise in the analytics area when addressing opportunities in the M2M market.

“We are aimed at enabling the Internet of Things by providing market leading technology for real-time data access and analytics and also by creating a strong ecosystem of partners intended to deliver one of the best solutions possible,” said Adam Binnie, the global vice president and general manager of business-intelligence solutions for SAP. “Working with innovative companies such as ILS Technology helps us offer our customers choices to realizing the promise of these new technologies.”

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