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Telit partners Sternum for IoT cyber security

Steve Rogerson
February 12, 2020

Telit is working with Israeli cyber-security company Sternum to provide real-time embedded protection for IoT devices.
Sternum's technology can be built into Telit's xE910 module family to give Telit's customers in-depth visibility and security for their entire device fleet. This visibility provides real-time alerts of cyber breaches, prevented attacks, device malfunctioning and more, enabling rapid responses to security incidents.
To ensure safer and more secure connectivity, Sternum's EIV embedded integrity verification offering will be integrated onto Telit's ME910 IoT modules. EIV will validate every operation within any IoT device where Telit's module is installed, operating like an on-device firewall.
Sternum ensures overall device integrity at all times, as well as protecting sensitive data within the device. Telit will offer enhanced security services by enabling Sternum's RIEMS real-time IoT event monitoring system; this lets OEMs identify attacks on individual devices in real time through their personal dashboards.
Telit will offer these security-enhanced modules to manufacturers of cellular-enabled products across industries, including medical, Industry 4.0 and smart cities.
"Telit's cellular modules are embedded in over 150 million OEM IoT devices," said Alon Segal, senior vice president at Telit. "We continue to invest in leading edge technology to secure and enable our customers. With Sternum's technology, we add real-time embedded protection for smart devices, allowing Telit to provide even more secure products and to continue to lead the IoT market by providing innovative security services to our clients."
Sternum offers multi-layered cyber security and was founded in 2018 by a team of research, development and business leaders, many coming from the Israeli Defense Forces. The company is based in Tel Aviv.
"Partnering with Telit marks a significant shift in the IoT device market, indicating that on-device, real-time cyber security is now critical and scalable," said Natali Tshuva, CEO of Sternum. "Telit's ability to offer cyber-secure modules for IoT cellular connectivity not only provides device manufacturers security but also gives unprecedented visibility into the cyber health of entire fleets. With the global proliferation of IoT devices and more sophisticated cyber breaches, a holistic solution that sits on the device is the future of IoT cyber security."