Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

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July 16, 2019
Whichever way you cut the figures and analyse the predictions, the IoT is a quite clearly a powerhouse of potential. The predicted growth forecasts are therefore not surprising – after all, any market that can deliver protected investment, economies of scale, and the countless ways to innovate has a lot of power at its disposal. And the open 3GPP standards of the Mobile IoT also give the market confidence about the future-proof nature of the networks on the road to 5G.
One of the key differentiators between 5G and earlier generations of cellular technology will be its ability to scale the loT. With 5G, the mobile network will be a key enabler for ‘things’ to be able to communicate with each other and not just centrally to the cloud or an operations centre. The internet of things is rapidly maturing and moving from fairly limited implementations towards large scale, enterprise-wide adoption. What’s more, it is fast reaching a tipping point where these ‘things’ need to incorporate intelligence and control as well as connectivity.
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